All our training is based on positive reinforcement methods. Instructors do not train your dog for you. Instead, we will teach you how to work with your dog to get the results you want.

Classes are conducted for approximately one hour per week, for either four or six weeks. Most classes are offered three to four times per year depending on demand.

For the health and safety of all participants, your dog’s vaccinations must be up to date prior to starting any class.

Please contact us ahead of time to pre-register for all courses, as class numbers are limited.

Puppy Social

An event for puppies to meet each other, socialize with novel sounds, smells, and experiences. Teaching our puppies that new things are fun at their own pace.

Sunday afternoons, 2 sessions (1hr + 1hr).

First session (1hr) - $10

Additional session (1hr) - $15

Both sessions (2hrs) - $25

Puppy Prep

A half day in our daycare with other puppies where they socialize with each other, novel sounds, smells and experiences. Great for introducing your puppy to the daycare environment and getting some socialization in during a time where this can be difficult 

Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoons.

30$ for <5 hours


50$ for 5+ hours 

+ 10$ for pick up and drop off out of area