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Chuck’s Mutts & Co was born of a deep love and respect for dogs and their needs. Our dogs are our family and that is the backbone of our care. What started as a personal endeavour to make sure Nic’s own rescues and fosters were able to exercise and socialize to adapt to living new lives in Toronto, has grown into an amazing family of like minded,  doggie people whose passion for providing the best care for your family members flows through every aspect of our business. Servicing the Hillcrest Village, Midtown and surrounding neighbourhoods has been such a pleasure and fulfilling each day. Nic grew up in Forest Hill and knows the area and people well. Their love for the city and these neighbourhoods has really helped to solidify Chuck’s Mutts & Co. in these areas. The staff that have joined them on this adventure have the same devotion to dogs and their behaviours. The staff love spending their days enjoying your dogs and keeping them satisfied. Our staff are CPR and First Aid trained and each of them are always working to learn more about various aspects of dog care. 


We appreciate that all dogs are not the same and just like us, they all have different needs. We do our utmost to learn these individual needs and adapt our care to them. We are also well aware that not all dogs have had the same past which can make finding the right services for them very tricky. Whether it is in a group adventure to burn energy and socialize, to spending their day with friends to build confidence, we offer this all. As we work through and with various behaviour issues we help your dogs succeed during their time with us and even when they’re home with you. We want the best for your pup, but also for you. If we can help improve temperament, behaviour, or even just give you a break we will do just that. Helping your dogs learn and assisting you in learning from your dogs really ensures your bond and ongoing happiness.


We serve dogs not only in providing care for them, but in partnering with several Toronto and international based rescues to assist in foster care and rehabilitation. Rescues such as Canine Haven, Team Dog Rescue and MexiPerro to name a few. We also want to help owners succeed and are proud to work with several trainers and Educanine, a collective of educators who are striving to help dog owners and professionals. We are also a QPOC run company doing what we can to help those within that community by supporting other LGBTQ* businesses, customers and various community opportunities.

We’re very excited to have you and your pup join the Chuck’s Mutts family! Connect with us today so we can help make your tomorrow a success.

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